Selected Publications

Willsey, Matthew S., Samuel R. Nason-Tomaszewski, Scott R. Ensel, Hisham Temmar, Matthew J. Mender, Joseph T. Costello, Parag G. Patil, and Cynthia A. Chestek. "Real-time brain-machine interface in non-human primates achieves high-velocity prosthetic finger movements using a shallow feedforward neural network decoder." Nature Communications 13, no. 1 (2022): 6899. Code is available here.  

Nason, Samuel R., Alex K. Vaskov, Matthew S. Willsey, Elissa J. Welle, Hyochan An, Philip P. Vu, Autumn J. Bullard et al. "A low-power band of neuronal spiking activity dominated by local single units improves the performance of brain–machine interfaces." Nature biomedical engineering 4, no. 10 (2020): 973-983.  

Nason, Samuel R., Matthew J. Mender, Alex K. Vaskov, Matthew S. Willsey, Nishant Ganesh Kumar, Theodore A. Kung, Parag G. Patil, and Cynthia A. Chestek. "Real-time linear prediction of simultaneous and independent movements of two finger groups using an intracortical brain-machine interface." Neuron 109, no. 19 (2021): 3164-3177. 

Willsey, Matthew S., Charles W. Lu, Sam R. Nason, Karlo A. Malaga, Scott F. Lempka, Cynthia A. Chestek, and Parag G. Patil. "Distinct perceptive pathways selected with tonic and bursting patterns of thalamic stimulation." Brain Stimulation 13, no. 5 (2020): 1436-1445. 

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Willsey et al., Nature Communications,  2022